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The practical and practical benefits of JC02 on Qizhen WPC flooring

Although the WPC floor is different from the solid wood floor in the sense of foot , the WPC floor still occupies a very strong market space in the floor market by virtue of its beautiful textured surface , excellent wear resistance , impact resistance , and so on . Today , the search and evaluation staff of the search house takes a look at a WPC floor – 7 TRUST WPC floor simplified style JC series JCO2 .


The WPC floor consists of four layers of structure

Layer 1: wear resistant layer. Mainly composed of Al _ 2O _ 3 (Al _ 2O _ 3), it has strong wear resistance and hardness, and some WPG flooring made of melamine can not meet the standard requirements.

Layer 2: decorative layer. It is a sheet of paper impregnated with melamine resin, printed with wood or other patterns imitating precious tree species.

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Layer 3: the base. It is medium density or high density laminates. Through high temperature and high pressure treatment, there is a certain moisture proof and flame retardancy. The basic material is wood fiber.

Layer: the balance layer. It is a layer of kraft paper, with a certain strength and thickness, and soaked in resin. It plays the role of moisture-proof and anti floor deformation.
Detail test:

California Apple Wood Finish

The veneering layer of this floor is California apple wood color, the color is slightly deep, the texture is different, reflecting a certain natural feeling, beautiful beauty.

Strong Stability of Masson Pine substrate

The flooring base material selects the high quality Masson pine raw material, the fiber is exquisite and long, is full of toughness, the stability is extremely good; Secondly, seven true exclusive use of scientific and technological achievements FCF formaldehyde technology, effectively reduce formaldehyde, more environmentally healthy. The reviewers smell, there is no smell.

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The general inferior base material and the base material of this section floor very far, look more dregs, lustre is dull, touch can slightly drop the case of dregs. The smell is sharp. Therefore, the examiner here suggests that consumers should choose a good brand when buying wood and plastic flooring to avoid buying products that will affect their health.

Smooth and well made slots

Observe the side of this section of the floor, you can see the substrate from the groove close pressure, with fingernails hard clasping, will not have sawdust out, good quality.

The locking and splicing connection is tight

This product is designed to lock button splicing, this assembly can achieve non-glue paving, environmental performance is better, the evaluator randomly extracted two product samples to splice, found that it is very close after the connection. Hold it upright. The lower one won’t fall. The lock is firm.

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For WPC floor, its surface is very waterproof, but if the seam is not tight, then the water infiltration into the substrate will have an impact on the floor. When observing the joint of the product, we can see that it has four sides chamfering, the joints are small and tight, and the waterproofing is better.

Experiment on Wear ability of floor

The content in the surface three two aluminum oxide wear-resistant wood mainly depends on the abrasion resistance of certain corresponding to the three, the two oxidation of aluminum content. For home floor wear-resisting revolution is usually used to more than 6000. Through the evaluation to the field testing, we can find that the degree of wear of this product is good, as the evaluation to scratch also, no signs of wear.


WPC floor maintenance :

1 . After the floor has been laid , it is necessary to keep the indoor air smoothly .

2 . The overweight article shall be stably placed , and the furniture and heavy objects shall not be hard – drawn and dragged so as not to scratch the surface of the wear – resistant layer .

3. If there is an accident , the floor shall be dried by dry mop .

4.If any accident occurs , the floor shall be dried and cleaned in time .

5.If any accident occurs , the floor shall be dried and cleaned in time .

6.If any accident occurs ,

7.the floor shall be dried and cleaned in time .

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