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WPC Flooring Maintenance

Maintenance method of WPC floor

WPC flooring is made of high quality wood and plastic board. There will be a wear-resistant layer on the wood plastic floor. If the wear-resisting layer is worn, it will affect the moisture resistance and brightness of the whole floor. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning work of the WPC floor must be done well.


One, what needs to be noticed is when walking on the floor, the owner tries to wear the cloth slippers, and the barefoot is best.

Two, it is better to install soft bottom protective pads for furniture placed at home, so as not to scratch the wearable Floor. In addition, when cleaning up, be careful not to let sandpaper, polisher or hard metal tools to clean up the WPC floor.

Three, when cleaning up the WPC floor, wipe the water with the rag and dip the rice water directly, and sprinkle the rice water evenly on the wooden floor. Then, after 5 to 10 minutes, wipe the floor with dry dishcloth, and the floor will become a lot cleaner.

how to cleaning wpc decking

Four, for some special stains, such as paint, ink and so on, it can be cleaned and cleaned directly with special soiled oil.

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