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Wood Plastic Flooring Outdoor

we know: any items where it is most easy to wear and tear items edge is the most easy to wear and tear parts, because the edge is worn the most likely, such as: mobile phone, telephone use time is long edge grinding white; The cuffs and neckline of the shirt wear out in everyday life; Table and chair bench, handbag, purse use long edge will be worn and so on, all belong to normal phenomenon.

building a wood deck

plastic wood decking

This is where the edges of the object are exposed to a greater chance of being worn down. Similarly, work more accurate floor also has a joint, such as two pieces of the same thickness of the book or the same thick objects meet together, even the naked eye can’t see the crack, feel when they touch a single surface is smooth, but hand seams in touch two objects with obvious not smooth feeling, because of the not smooth phenomenon, lead to the edge of the first to be wear and tear.

Likewise, the floor also has the most easily worn place, that is the juncture of floor and floor. How to make floor juncture not easy to wear, make the edge of floor no longer be worn white, appear white line, this is the problem of industry. , original “NCD no edge horn processing technology” solve the problem of the industry, “NCD no edge horn processing technology” is the wood plastic floor around form bevel edge, the edge slope parts of the design and color, decorative pattern on the surface of the decorative layer and floor in consistent at the same time, also make the edge of the slope has the same like the surface of wear resistance.

wood deck

building a wood deck

“NCD no edge horn processing technology” is not only to the edge of the wood plastic floor will be hurt the most protected effectively solved the edge is easy to wear, bruising and wood plastic floor wear-resisting, so the service life of the old problems, and prolongs the service life of the two times, and sensory flat-fell seam and natural, stereo sense is stronger, the visual effect is more beautiful, one integrated mass. Instead of using “NCD no edge horn processing technology” in the production of wood plastic floor edge horn is an Angle of ninety degrees, the thickness of the surface not wear-resisting, when joining together of two boards, juncture place with plane intersection, even if the processing precision and fine floor, wriggle through the earth is also hard to avoid in the process of using the joint deformation, wear, bruised appear the phenomenon such as thief, affect the service life of the floor.

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