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Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor Deck

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Outdoor Plastic composite wood deck – the best tree crosses almost every facet of a natural tropical deciduous tree. It is resistant to weather, pest and fungus degradation, as well as vaa’ojen and cracks in formation. Simultaneous outdoor maintenance manual composite terrace. Non-slip and available in different shapes and colours, all of these features make the composite exterior particularly suitable for weather or damp areas.

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Advantages of composite on external surfaces.

1. The polar characteristics of the outer paint of composite paints make the stains and waterproofing perfectly grip the surface.

2. Surface roasting is not possible

3. The color is barely visible. Even for many years/

4. High Resistance bolt Removal

5. Endurance Class 1 (very durable)

6. Very high resistance to zippers

7. Minimal Maintenance

8. Low expansion coefficient and contractions

Some Popular Compounds For Extrusion

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