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wood plastic composite extrusion

Costringency wood plastic, outdoor decoration new choice


With the continuous development of technology, a new generation of wood, wood and plastic extrusion should be market demand and students. The surface evenly and firmly extrusion plastic coated with CO extruded layer, but retains the traditional advantages of the wood mildew, pest control and other physical properties, but also has better abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance, more beautiful durable.

wood plastic composite extrusion

Coextrusion coating can effectively prevent the damage caused by hard grinding scraping, especially suitable for crowded places, and can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquid and oily liquid, so that the wood surface is very easy to clean, timeless, can raise more wood to the sun, rain, snow, rain and seawater resistance to wood with long service life.


Costringency wood plastic color and texture, more realistic and lasting, variety, depth, has very high practical value to the user, ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment, is applied to the park, green road, seaside resorts, waterside boardwalk, deck, excellent environmental protection materials use home furnishing outdoor facilities.

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