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What is environmentally friendly wood flooring and its characteristics

Environmental wood floor refers to the floors that could protect the environment, maintain the sustainable development and the health of human, keep survival of future generations and can be recycled .



First, WPC floor will not pollute the air and releasing formaldehyde will not exceed the standard. Many consumers will come across some symptoms such as tears, chest tightness, headache, nausea and others when they purchase wood floor, furniture, wooden doors and windows, which are caused by free formaldehyde The formaldehyde is recognized as one of the world’s four major pathogens

The main adhesive material of normal floor is urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, which is widely used in wood products because of its high adhesive and low prices, but it occurs formaldehyde after the hydrolysis, it will lead to harm to people. To avoid this, it requires manufacturers to use harmless glue, but the cost will be much higher. In order to save the cost,Some manufacturers will not use environmentally friendly glue.

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Green wood flooring usually use environmentally friendly UV curing coating (UV paint). After UV curing the film, so that the paint will release various harmful gas during the production process, it will not be harmful to end-users.
Second, the quality of the paint film and light pollution is also a problem. Environmental wood products use matte lacquer, its benefits are avoiding dazzling and light pollution, also will not let people feel tired in the room. Therefore, the use of matt paint painted floor is getting popular. There is no strong reflection of light is also a key feature of environmentally friendly wood floor.

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