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What Determines The Quality Of Wood Plastic Floor

Relevant statistics show that China’s wood plastic floor up to more than 2000 production and marketing enterprises. The quality of good and bad, the sale propaganda gimmick that each is for politics, cause consumer is hard to pick out the floor that really rest assured. So, in every link of floor production, service, what is the causal relationship between the factors and the quality? Fresh raw material performance excellence “wood plastic raw materials must be from the log.”


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The global technical director Andy introduced Germany seven true floor, high quality raw materials should have the following features: first, the wood must be fresh enough, there can be no block and too much wood veneer. “Otherwise, wood fiber will be less wood, the floor will not be strong enough, and the service life will be shortened.”

Secondly, to ensure the different wood raw material density is close, it is better to be a single timber species.

In order to better control the purity and freshness of wood material, manufacturing enterprise was built in the land of wood growth, best choose fixed species, thus ensure the manufacture of wooden floor the physical properties of wood fiber and unified, machining performance. With such a condition, the wood floor can have more stable quality. We have learned, at present many enterprises in the process of production of wooden floor is “is in” wood, regardless of old and new, regardless of species, the beneficial aspects of raw material is difficult to ensure the quality of the base material of wooden floor stability.

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In addition, Andy stressed that the logs should be peeled and processed. Because of the strength of bark fiber, the physical mechanical performance index and wood fiber are very different, and the negative effect of mixed use on floor quality is very large. We also need to focus on glue to glue wood fibers.


All the glue contains formaldehyde, because formaldehyde is the main ingredient that enhances glue and strength. However, the formulation of glue is different in different formaldehyde content, and there are usually competent manufacturers, which have a strict technical patent on the development of glue.

At present, European companies have a strong advantage in this area. High standard production process to ensure the service life of a good products tailor a good material to do a good clothes? That’s not true. It’s a good job and the floor is the same. The production process of wood plastic floor is very much the same, the specific process determines the final quality. For example, DPL pasting technology (commonly known as large plate press) is a prototyping technology that is applied to the bottom of the balance layer at the bottom of the wear-resistant layer, the wooden pattern layer, the base layer and the floor.

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In this process, the process is to be processed with constant temperature and constant pressure process at a constant time close to zero error. These processes are the key techniques to ensure the quality of wood floors. Close to zero error is the production enterprise high technology embodiment, is the production enterprise’s strength embodiment.

What Determines The Quality Of Wood Plastic Floor

In seven trust decking, for example, its use is one of the world’s most advanced continuous press, in constant 200 degrees Celsius, 45 kg/square centimeter 4 seconds can be completed under the condition of pressure, which under the premise that guarantee wood fibre fresh vigor, make each together raw materials with high strength.

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If this process does not pass, the temperature is high, the pressure is high, the press time inaccuracy can cause the wood fiber damaged, the floor strength becomes low; If the temperature is low and the pressure is insufficient, the combination strength of all kinds of raw materials is not enough, the floor is easy to layer and peel, these all can greatly reduce the life of the floor. Continuous research and development lead consumption wood plastic floor homogenized competition is very serious at present, mainly design and color is same, copied from the wind.

The phenomenon that floor production enterprise changes a floor to change slightly, or it is completely plagiarized to affix one’s own trademark sale is very common. The flower color change of wooden floor has a fashion trend every year, the current fashion trend of floor industry is basically led by several few European enterprises such as group of seven true group. Detailed installation of floor by floor installation and after-sales service also determines the life span of the floor and the use of comfort.

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