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The reason of WPC floor’s popular

It is ok to customize the design and production of WPC product according to various usage it could be divided into middle level and high level respectively. WPC material has the features of environmental protection and energy saving, strong sense of wood, moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and insect pest resistance.


There is no cracking, high color fastness, easy to install, and warranty life can reach 30-60 years. This is why WPC can replace wood as new building materials industry favored product.

Its energy saving effect is very good, it could bring you warm feeling even in the cold winter Its sound insulation and sound absorption are good, which could eliminate the noise between the floors and create a quiet living environment; anti-fouling, stain resistance, clean and convenient to maintain a clean living environment ;

composite decking

It can effectively reduce the temperature and humidity effect on the deformation; It has features of colorful, vivid patterns, personalized interior space original design style and flexible color combinations , which could build an imaginative living environment.

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