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solid composite decking

Wood floor surface cracking should actually be the film cracking.

Solid wood flooring has been favored by many consumers. However, the deformation of solid wood flooring, bubbling, cracking, wrinkles, but also to consumers add a lot of trouble.

solid deck

solid composite decking boards

Floor paint a small crack, serious, resulting in film stripping. Mostly due to moisture on the floor or paint itself due to the poor paint, but with the quality of paint and construction technology is not unrelated. The surface of the paint film forms many rugged ridges and even cracks. Affect the film surface smooth and bright.

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Solid wood flooring, should be based on the coefficient of wood shrinkage, floor width, the floor of the floor moisture content changes, calculate the floor of the expansion of the amount of reasonable reserves of gaps, and sometimes often blindly installed, resulting in insufficient floor gap, problem.

(1) Reason:

1, the surface fast drying, drying film is not uniform;

2, once painted too thick, only the surface quickly dry, which can not be dry at the same time, the lower layer of relaxation upper taut;

3, the next coating is not dry, that is coated layer;

4, the upper and lower coatings are not matched;

5, the primer is not completely dry, and the paint of the thinner dissolving force is too strong, so that the primer swell;

6, the amount of curing agent is too small;

7, the last time the film is not fully polished, that is, the next painting.

solid deck

(2) Precautionary measures:

1, the use of slower dry thinner, and the appropriate solubility of the solvent.

2, two or more times the coating, each time to make the solvent fully solvent evaporation.

3, to be dry under the film full, and then to the coating.

4, the use of consistent nature of the paint, to avoid the more soft paint in the lower.

5, to avoid painting too thick, the bottom to thoroughly dry and then painted finish.

6, the appropriate increase in the amount of curing agent added.

7, polymerized dry film, dry sanding should be as full as possible.

(3) the solution:

(1) a small amount of people may be appropriate paint, waxing.

(2) severe cases can only be polished after painting.

(3) When the number of blocks is small, it can be replaced locally.

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