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Outdoor Deck Boards

outdoor boat decking

Shanghai Seven Trust Company Produire Pallets to composites which WPC Conseils 2007 in Meubles comme les Industries and building & construction industries.

It has greater advantages than conventional materials such as Los Angeles was fait plywood, MDF, boards.

outdoor boat deck

CPA Boards Personnage:

1,100% water-resistant and feu-retardant

2. Anti-Ultraviolet

3. Anti-decay

4. Recyclable 100%

5. la Weather Resistant

6. Environment-Friendly

7. Anticorrosi or N

8. Resistant Termites Totaux

9. la compression good resistance or n

10. Xico Matériel non t

Thickness sizes Available (8 tartes x 4 tartes): 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm et 12 mm and 15 mm 18 mm at 20 mm.

Some Popular Compounds For Extrusion

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