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How To Select Composite Decking

WPC DECKING: How to select? how to used?

WPC decking is decorated with one of the main varieties of flooring materials, with one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, paving in particleboard, medium density fiberboard or high density fiberboard, artificial substrate surface, the back surface layer with positive balance, wear-resisting layer, formed by hot pressing wood floor. Has the advantages of convenient installation, beautiful appearance, durable, natural, cheap (relatively speaking the advantages of solid wood flooring), welcomed by consumers.

How To Select Composite Decking

In the face of numerous WPC decking production enterprises and brands, I will put forward some suggestions on how to buy:

1. first selection has a certain well-known enterprise product or brand. Through the comparison of model

2. identify the pros and cons. G wear-resistant paper wear resistance higher weight better, under normal circumstances, the greater the weight of wear-resistant paper sheet pressing the wood paper is lower. Choose the definition Purchase floor should not be very deep or choose the color black, because the color of the floor or poor wear resistance, surface or poor resolution.

3. through the comparison of advantages and disadvantages. Identify the product packaging good product packaging specification, factory name, real site, telephone, and indicate the grade of the products and categories etc. the consumer is deceived to prevent, can be identified by the verification according to the telephone number. The purchase of

4. varieties and indoor lighting and other color coordinated. In general, the light is not good, not to buy color deep color.

5. floor quality performance in the base material, color wood grain paper several aspects, wear-resistant layer and product precision. Consumers can use the smooth degree of mortise part, fiber fine uniformity to identify material quality, through the installation of the floor The height difference and the seam to identify product size precision and quality, color wood paper and wear-resistant layer of the naked eye can not distinguish, suggestions from the product packaging to start, choose the regular manufacturers of products.

6. The implementation of inquiry service content through the service contents and measures, to determine whether the formal manufacturers, so as to judge the merits of the product.

decking installation

Consumers should pay attention to the following a few points in the installation and use of wood floors:

1. floors before installation should ensure sufficient ground dry and smooth.

2. anti sun.

3. waterproof, especially water. Wood flooring will swell in water by water immersion will be scrapped. Therefore, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other places should not use wood floor cleaning; when the mop or cloth to wring out the water.

4. the use of geothermal heating places should choose 8mm thickness of the floor, its heat transfer faster, at the same time to sequential heating Gradually, gradually improve the indoor temperature.

5. indoor temperature is high, should try to open the window ventilation heating can be installed. Some water placed in the sitting room, can adjust the indoor humidity, and can absorb indoor formaldehyde.

6. wood flooring how much will release formaldehyde, formaldehyde is sensitive to the people at home it is best not to use wood flooring.

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