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How to Maintain Production Line of WPC

Wood-plastic flooring production line, by the twin-screw extruder, vacuum stereotypes Taiwan, traction machine, cutting machine, mold, turning rack and other components. Green can be wood production line with a special design of the screw, barrel, mold and processing technology and production can be equipped with profiles Fucai green wood, eco-wood, wood environmental protection.

Ecological wood production line as the production of ecological wood equipment, it exists great significance, and now more and more expensive solid wood flooring prices, and with the disappearance of forest resources exhausted, we must have a more environmentally friendly, green materials to replace solid wood, It is clear that the emergence of ecological wood to solve this problem, but it is in the production of ecological wood composite materials, extrusion process with product quality and stability, low cost, relatively small investment. After all, we must understand that the value of eco-wood production line, but any product failure or some problems, if we want to avoid the emergence of the problem we must do daily maintenance work, wood-plastic production line, it working time A long time or long-term maintenance of the words are very prone to problems, then the specific how should we do?


1, in the ecological wood production line continuous long-term operation, to regularly check the lubrication and temperature of various parts of the situation, always pay attention to the operation of equipment, if any abnormal circumstances to immediately stop inspection .

2, to ensure clean raw materials, prevent metal debris or Other hard parts, such as screws, fall into the feed opening and damage the screw and barrel.

3, feeding to ensure continuous feeding, this hopper should have sufficient material, can not guarantee that continuous feeding, to immediately stop, is strictly prohibited in the absence of material circumstances empty operation.

4, if the production of power, the main drive and heating to stop, when the power supply to the barrel of the heating section to set the temperature for a period of time after the start of eco-wood production lines.

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