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How to Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Properly

Wood flooring, is popular in recent years, the domestic use of outdoor special flooring, wood preservative than the original use of outdoor low-cost, maintenance-free, anti-corrosion acid water resistant, and easy to install, increasing the use of.

Because it is a new material, many customers for the first time the use of the product, the face of the market price from 60 yuan per square to more than 400 yuan of materials, I do not know how to choose which materials, and wood products in recent years the use of domestic Look, different quality of wood and plastic products from a few months to 10 years life span, the gap is very poor. So now we custom wood flooring manufacturers green and environmental Xiaobian to use the most intuitive and easiest way to tell you how to correctly select the WPC floor.

Although the raw materials we can not see, but the finished plastic wood flooring, we follow the following steps carefully observed, you can learn how to quickly distinguish between good quality and bad wood products.

1, to see the side of wood-plastic floor: good quality wood flooring side of the smooth, glossy shiny, a sense of oil-run, no small cracks. Poor quality of wood-plastic floor side of the rough, shiny dim, no oil-run feeling, and some poor elongation due to PE cracks.

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2, look at the front of wood-plastic floor: good quality wood-plastic floor front smooth, glossy shiny, wood powder particles small and uniform size. Poor quality wood-plastic floor front rough, shiny dim, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution. Two kinds of floor put together, the difference is obvious.

3, look at the wood-plastic floor section: good quality wood-plastic floor section texture tight, shiny glossy, small and uniform distribution of wood powder particles. Poor quality of the wood-plastic floor section texture loose, shiny, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution, and obviously see the wood fiber.

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