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Cheap Outdoor Flooring For Sale

There are many floors used outdoors, but if the product has anti-corrosion and moisture-proof requirements, the products used in this area are indeed less, and the plastic-wood easy-to-install floor can be used.

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Composite Outdoor Flooring

The easy-to-install floor is easier to compare with the cement paving in the paving, and is more suitable for outdoor installation.

After more than ten years of technical exploration and improvement, Shanghai wpc series sports wood flooring has provided professional production and processing services for many countries around the world.

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Composite Deck Flooring Prices

All the wood raw materials are produced from the raw wood production base. The factory introduces a full set of German processing technology and manufacturing equipment. The production workers are professionally trained to ensure the processing precision and durability of all products, with an annual output of about 1 million square meters.

Some Popular Compounds For Extrusion

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