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Accurate identification of environmentally friendly wood floor

Environmental protection Wood floor has become the decoration trend, business promotion and language are not easy to be understood, ordinary consumers do not have the capacity and skills to distinguish them, how to select truly safe and environmentally friendly wood flooring for decoration? Gaozhihua pointed out that China environmental labeling certification is the authorized certification, the logo proves trademark, can be demonstrated by certified manufacturers of wooden floor is green product.


Consumers could pay more attention on this certification when purchasing. At present, some community organizations are issuing various environmental protection standards certification, but because of its authority is not enough, the standard of releasing is not uniform, and the lack of supervision of products and other reasons, it is difficult to become a standard to measure environmental protection products.

“Do check the test report to see if the content of formaldehyde are in line with state standards.”.” Consumer Mr. Wang reminded consumers to take a closer look at the floor test report, in addition to the formaldehyde content on logo, please pay attention on the detection category. He said, according to experience, usually inspection category for the state supervision inspection or enterprise commissioned sampling reliability is higher than the other inspection, the emission of qualified products formaldehyde are within the scope of safety.

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